• Cloud Assessment

    Cloud Assessment

    Perform a Health Check to find the right private, public or hybrid cloud solution
    Examine workload size and activity, SLA and provisioning requirements, and instance costs

  • Workload Placement Assessment

    Workload Placement Assessment

    Consolidate, offload, and place new workloads on alternative platforms
    Exploit and compare platform attributes to optimize workload performance and costs

  • Business Value Assessment (BVA)

    Business Value Assessment (BVA)

    Understand solution attributes and how business requirements are mapped
    Quantify financial benefits and compare to alternatives to determine the most compelling case

  • Mobile Assessment

    Mobile Assessment

    Mitigate high-volume, low-value mobile transaction costs
    Evaluate the effects of throughput, response time and other KPIs in mobile topologies

  • Analytics Assessment

    Analytics Assessment

    Determine the most cost-effective infrastructure for analytics solutions
    Exploit platform attributes and efficient storage solutions for Analytics and Big Data

  • Chargeback Analysis

    Chargeback Analysis

    Align chargeback policies to actual IT costs
    Identify and overcome chargeback policies that drive adverse IT decisions

  • IT Best Practice Benchmarking

    IT Best Practice Benchmarking

    Compare actual IT environment with best practices in the IT industry
    Improve forecast and actual spend


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