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IBM Banking Industry Framework

Accelerate business transformation across your enterprise

Create you own industry agenda for transformation by implementing each solution one project at a time.

The IBM Banking Industry Framework supports a smarter way of performing business operations through integrated systems and analytics that help you streamline and accelerate your business performance.

Built on IBM’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform and using open standards that allow it to easily integrate with other systems, the framework provides advanced information management, analytics, automation and integration of processes among business functions.

IBM Banking Framework solution areas

With the framework approach, you develop a plan to streamline and upgrade your technology infrastructure as your business needs evolve. Select your highest priority projects and add others as you need them.

Core Banking Transformation

Provide an integrated infrastructure for managing all your business functions and mission-critical data across the enterprise.

Customer Care and Insight

Increase customer confidence and drive revenue growth from greater insight into customer needs.

Integrated Risk Management

Take a holistic approach to managing risk across the enterprise to improve financial performance.

Payments and Securities

Enable flexible, efficient and secure payments and securities operations while reducing costs.

Benefits of the IBM Banking Industry Framework

The IBM Banking Industry Framework delivers solutions designed to give you speed, flexibility, and choice in solution deployment. Your enterprise benefits from:

Get a business value assessment

Benefit from IBM experience. IBM banking experts show you how to accelerate technology solutions for your bank with an IBM Industry Business Value Assessment(PDF, 154KB)

Featured solution brief

IBM helps banks turn challenges into opportunities. Learn now the IBM Framework for the banking industry can simplify complex business models: Blueprint for SOA and Data Warehousing solution success(PDF, 2.85MB)

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To learn more about how IBM Banking Industry solutions can help your business grow, contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner.

Virtual Briefing Center

Virtual Briefing Center

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