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TPF and TPFDF Critical and Correcting APAR Lists

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TPF Critical and Correcting APARs

PUT Level Description
TPFDF Critical and Correcting APARs

PUT Level Description
OPEN Open List

Meanings of the terms

The APARs referred to here are "critical" when migrating a program update tape (PUT) either for TPF or TPFDF.

TPF APARs are classed as "critical" when they meet the following criteria:

  • Have a severity code of 1 or 2.
  • Correct a problem caused by a previously released APAR.
  • Correct a problem that resulted in an outage or data corruption/loss.

These lists are updated on a regular basis in order that the information is current.

The TPF Critical and Correcting APAR list is a running list broken down by PUT level, with Closed critical APARs shipped on each PUT included in that PUT's link. APAR's that are not yet closed are in the "OPEN" link.

To use this list you must determine which PUT you are currently running. If you are running at PUT 12 level you would be interested in Critical APARs starting at the PUT 13 level up to those in the most recent PUT level along with those in the OPEN list.

Starting with PUT13,TPF APARs may be downloaded directly from the TPF Maintenance pages.