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TPF Database Facility (TPFDF)

The TPF Database Facility (TPFDF) provides database management functions to the TPF and Airline Control System (ALCS) user and is widely used in the TPF industry for the storage and management of mission critical data.

The database management functions increase programmer productivity by providing centralized database handling routines so that application programmers only need to understand the logical relationships of data, not the physical characteristics. This simplifies the application programmer's job by allowing high speed access to persistent data on TPF while providing an application interface.

TPFDF also provides the database administrator with the tools necessary to manage the database without affecting application programs.

For example, TPFDF provides common routines to:

  • Add, Delete and Modif y Data
  • Read, Sort and Merge Data
  • Display Data
  • Read Data from Tape.

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