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TPF function briefs give insight on important TPF features and functions of key interest to our customers.

The Mail Server on TPF provides Internet mail handling while taking advantage of the inherent characteristics of TPF: superior performance, mission-critical reliability, phenomenal scalability, and 24x365 availability.
MQSeries Queue Manager MQSeries is used to connect departments within enterprises, or one enterprise to another. Both the MQSeries Client and the MQSeries Queue Manager from IBM provide a connection between TPF and other systems, allowing applications on various systems to exchange information via asynchronous messaging.
TPFAR The TPF Application Requester (TPFAR) is a separately priced feature which enables TPF applications using SQL statements to access remote relational databases that support IBM's DRDA architecture.
TPFDF The TPF Database Facility (TPFDF) is an IBM licensed program product which provides database management capabilities for TPF or ALCS applications. Traditionally, TPF or ALCS database management functions are the responsibility of the applications programmer. TPFDF increases programmer productivity by providing centralized database handling routines so that application programmers only need to understand the logical relationships of data, not the physical characteristics.
IBM TPF Toolkit Take a look at what IBM is doing for TPF application development. The TPF Toolkit remote development environment provides the tools you need to improve quality and productivity. Bring your application development process to a new level with this set of workstation tools and technologically advanced re mote tools.
IIOP Connect for TPF Internet Inter-ORB Protocol Connect (IIOP) for TPF, known as IIOP Connect for TPF, provides services to TPF applications to facilitate Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) inter operability with heterogeneous environments using an industry standard message protocol.