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Transaction Processing Facility Operations Server

IBM TPF Operations Server Version 1 Release 2 is a console automation and enhancement application for the TPF system. This PC-based application provides a tool for the administration and maintenance of your TPF system through TPF operations consoles. The TPF Operations Server runs outside the TPF system complex and allows you to monitor your TPF system, automate operational tasks, and diagnose problems quickly and accurately, thereby improving the productivity of your operations staff and enhancing system availability. The TPF Operations Server allows you to monitor multiple TPF systems from a single workstation. TPF console operations management can be centralized, distributed, or remote. Using local area network (LAN) technology, the TPF Operations Server provides a highly flexible and redundant configuration for TPF operations management. In addition to monitoring and responding to detected conditions using commands and automated commands, you can initialize, configure, recover, and shut down TPF systems. The TPF Operations Server provides integration to the Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC), allowing you to correlate events with other systems in your complex.

By using a TPF Operations Server in your enterprise, you can improve TPF system availability by:

  • Decreasing the likelihood of operator error and thereby reducing the number of unplanned outages
  • Providing hardware and software redundancy to improve operational console availability
  • Automating operational processes, including those for starting and stopping a TPF system,

  • which may reduce the length of time for planned outages.
Support is provided for the following TPF operation console types:
  • IBM 3215
  • IBM 3270
  • IBM Support Element/Hardware Management Console (HMC)
  • Simulated consoles.

For more information on TPF Operations Server refer to:

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