Unicode is the single, universal character set for text which enables the interchange, processing, storage and display of text in many languages. The Unicode standard serves as a foundation for the globalization of modern software. Using software that supports Unicode to develop or run your business applications will enable you to reduce your development and deployment time and costs enabling you to expand into new markets more quickly.

The Unicode standard defines the characters used in most of the written languages of the world, assigning a unique identifier to represent every character. It also defines the behavior or attributes of these characters, and provides algorithms and directives to help developers implement and utilize this universal character encoding. The Unicode Consortium strives to synchronize its standard with the ISO/IEC 10646 international standard. IBM has been a full member of the Unicode Consortium for many years and very active in its two technical committees: the Unicode Technical Committee and the CLDR Technical Committee. Support for Unicode has been a fundamental component of IBM's strategy to globalize our products to meet the worldwide needs of our customers.

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