Extract terms

Extracting terms from product materials as they are being developed can be very beneficial. According to the LISA survey, terminology extraction is one of the most frequently performed terminology tasks in the localization process.

Extracting terms allows software developers to identify technical terms being used in their product or application. They can subsequently note and correct inconsistencies, spelling errors, and nonstandard forms of capitalization, hyphenation, and so forth. Fixing these problems early in the development cycle saves time and effort later, and helps reduce translation problems. They can also identify which terms should be included in a product glossary. Last but not least, they can send the list of terms to the translation coordinator before the translation of the product begins. The translation coordinator then has enough time to create a bilingual project dictionary of standard terminology for use by all translators involved. The result is improved consistency and quality of translations.

Extracting terms manually is too labor-intensive and error-prone to be feasible on a large scale. An automated term extraction tool is preferred so that the process can take place with little impact to development resources and schedules.