Notice to users: the IBM Globalize your business web site will be sunset in the near future, current target is mid July.

Are you ready to enter the worldwide market with your product offerings?

Do your products support multiple language and cultural environments?

Can your infrastructure handle the languages and cultural conventions of your worldwide employees?

Are you leveraging cloud, social and mobile channels as you expand your global reach?

How do you know your worldwide business is optimized (through analytics)?

IBM can help

IBM offers a wide range of Globalization Services to help get your business working across the globe. Whether you’re just starting out and require development best practices and architectural guidance or you’re ready to launch and need your applications or offerings assessed and validated for a global market, IBM is here to help.

Our globalization professionals have the expertise to help your team understand what your existing architecture should support and what changes should be made to your applications and data for world wide consumption. We can provide customized on-site globalization education to meet your needs, and assist with all phases of the development process, even as you are adapting to a hybrid cloud development environment; right from planning, design and architecture through to deployment.

IBM is constantly working to make it easier for our customers to operate internationally, reach new customers and compete in global markets. For example, try the new IBM Globalization Pipeline service on Bluemix® which makes it easy to rapidly translate cloud and mobile applications and integrate translation management processes into a DevOps/Continuous delivery infrastructure.