Product configuration capability integrates directly into any of your web stores.

The integration of IBM Sterling Configurator with IBM WebSphere Commerce enables companies to automate the configuration and sale of complex products and services. By automating this process companies can transform how they sell by establishing customer self service web storefronts to take orders on-line. At the same time they’ll ensure customers and partners purchase the right solution to meet their needs, which results in accurate and consistent product solutions each and every time a customer places an order.

With IBM e-Commerce solutions companies can quickly and easily guide customers through the selection and ordering of complex products and services. Using your web storefront customers simply move through a series of selections to configure products to their specific needs, they can then add those items to their shopping cart and check out.

IBM’s configuration engine provides easy to use administration tools and enables product managers to establish configuration rules and maintain relationships between products without IT involvement. Additionally, account managers can set contract specific terms and pricing to ensure their B2B customers unique terms and conditions are met every time they order.

With WebSphere Commerce and Sterling Configurator both B2C and B2B companies can quickly and easily:

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