Interviews with Craig Rhinehart, Director of ECM Strategy and Market Development

Manage and leverage the 'other 80%' of your information

Photo: Craig Rhinehart

Unstructured information – e-mails, images, videos, documents, social media, and anything else that doesn't live in the rows and columns of a database – makes up a whopping 80% of the world's information.


Part 1

In part 1, learn how three enterprise content management (ECM) technologies – document imaging & capture, social content management, and advanced case management – are helping companies extract new insights and business benefits from unstructured information.


Part 2

In Part 2, hear how information lifecycle governance helps companies reduce the growing risks and costs associated with surging volumes of unstructured data, and how content analytics – the technology that powers IBM Watson – can help organizations make better, faster decisions based on more information and insight.

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