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the jStart team

meet the individuals who make jStart® what it is today

Lee Surprenant
Software Engineer

Lee's Bio

Lee joined IBM in the summer of 2006 and has worked in Software Group Strategy and Technology for five years until his current role with the jStart team. On the IBM Emerging Software Standards team, Lee was responsible for the design and development of numerous demonstrations and proof of concept projects, ranging from working with embedded programming models to developing healthcare information exchange technologies. Lee is a strong advocate of open source and open standards and, in his short tenure with IBM, has already lead an open source project and represented IBM in the Technical Working Group of the Continua Health Alliance. Lee is enthusiastic about using technology to improve the world and is excited about building solutions with the jStart team. Lee obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and lives in Cary, NC with his wife, Lisa.


Areas of Expertise

Lee is a Java developer with expertise in Eclipse and OSGi technology and a focus on service-oriented component models in distributed and non-distributed environments. Lee is experienced with service component architecture, web services, and web 2.0 technologies and has significant healthcare experience which ranges from medical device integration to healthcare information exchange.

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