Lifecycle Management

Managing the lifecycle from requirements through retirement

Why IBM for lifecycle management

Lifecycle Management is the process of managing business information throughout its lifecycle, from requirements through retirement. The lifecycle crosses different application systems, databases and storage media. By managing information properly over its lifetime, organizations are better equipped to deliver competitive offerings to the market faster and support business goals with less risk.

Organizations face challenges around lifecycle management. For example: new application functionality not deployed on schedule, unintentional disclosure of confidential data kept in test/development environments, application defects discovered after deployment, increased costs and poor performance. The day-to-day challenges of lifecycle management are exacerbated by the growth of data volumes.

Lifecycle solutions from IBM InfoSphere help address these challenges by:

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Manage Data Growth and Improve Application Efficiency

Control exploding volumes of data and make applications more efficient with enterprise-proven archiving strategies

Deliver Data Lifecycle Management to Cloud and Virtual environments

Establish a single, comprehensive solution for cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures to maximize IT investments

Simplify Test Data Management

Create right-sized, fictionalized test databases to accelerate application delivery.

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