IBM InfoSphere Software for Industries


Industry-leading organizations succeed with IBM InfoSphere Software: Business leaders gain actionable insight with a single view of information across their enterprises. IT leaders respond with a comprehensive platform to align technology investments with business goals.

What we offer

Communications Service Providers
Reduce customer churn by providing a superior customer experience across channels. Introduce new products & services more rapidly. Gain control over enterprise information.

Banking & Financial Markets
Accelerate time to value of mergers and acquisitions. Improve the effectiveness of cross-sell and up-sell campaigns. Get visibility into customer and channel profitability.

Insurance & Health plans
Dramatically improve business results by streamlining administration and claims processing with a unified view of patients and plan subscribers.

Effective government strategies hinge on collaboration involving multiple agencies and partnering with transnational organizations.

Travel & Transportation
IBM can help you deepen your customer relationships with delivery of personalized service and information across multiple channels.

As retailers grow, they look for new ways to provide a shopping experience that is so satisfying, customers are compelled to recommend and promote the store to others.



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