About BigSheets?

BigSheets is a revolutionary browser-based analytics tool that enables business users to extend the scope of their intelligence data through the web in a timely manner.


What it does:


The driving factors:


How it helps:


By allowing the combination of these two data sources, BigSheets allows business users ID opportunities and risks “hidden in the data”.

The business value:

BigSheets enables a quick return for the investment: it has been designed to be used by line of business professionals to rapidly gather insights and analysis from enormous amounts of data...and to be able to act on those insights in a timely manner. No need to understand database schemas, no need to understand a query language. BigSheets does the hard work "behind the scenes" allowing business decision makers the opportunity to concentrate on generating business value.

How does BigSheets generate actionable insights?

BigSheets generates actionable insights by introducing an actionable insights workflow:


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