Data warehousing and analytics

Why IBM for data warehousing

IBM offers a wide variety of data warehousing and analytic solutions enabling the best approach for each situation. From traditional multidimensional and data mining to mashups and industry models, IBM has the right solution for gleaning insight from information.

What we offer

Data Warehousing Software

IBM software solutions for data warehousing simplify and accelerate the delivery of insights from business analytics. Ideally suited for custom deployments, they offer flexibility, a choice of platforms, and a comprehensive set of capabilities to power operational and strategic analytics.

Data Warehousing Systems

IBM offers pre-built workload-optimized data warehousing and analytics solutions with integrated software, server, networking and storage, in easy to manage systems that provide fast time-to-value and require minimal set-up and administration.

Warehousing Solutions for Industry

Take advantage of IBM’s expertise with industry-specific solutions for data warehousing.

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The capabilities of IBM InfoSphere Warehouse software have been integrated with the new IBM DB2.

IBM PureData System for Analytics - powered by Netezza technology

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