Big data on System z

Leveraging the power and performance of today's mainframe to drive advanced analytics for your business

Big data on System z – Lowering Risks and costs through deeper insights
Big data is the result of incredible growth in volumes, velocity and variety of information as organizations embrace additional sources of data that were previously ignored such as emails, social media posts, photos, videos, log files and many others. Having total information awareness about your customers and the market place could help further lower the costs and risks of doing business.

Start with System z
The System z platform with its performance, security, integrity, scalability and resilience is an ideal place to start your big data initiatives. Big data can help augment what we already know about the market - leveraging the wealth of information already stored in our transactional systems, applications and data warehouses. That is why many organizations co-locate their data warehouse and business analytics solutions with their transaction processing engines like DB2 for z/OS and IMS - while also creating efficiencies through reduced data movement.

Integrate and protect
IBM information governance solutions for Systems z help protect and manage your big data sources over their life cycle helping you meet ever increasing compliance and regulatory demands.

Get Ready for Big Data with IBM System z

Right-Time Analytics

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Private Analytics Cloud on z Systems

Private Analytics Cloud on z Systems

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Transforming big data insights with IBM System z: A consultant's perspective. Join Mike Ferguson, Managing Director, Intelligent Business Strategies. June 24 2014, 11:00 ET

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Big Data Success with System z

What Does Big Data Really Mean?

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