Event Connect is an innovative way to bring your attendees together to get the most out of your event, before during and after. It is a cost efficient way to provide digital access to the content and attendees from almost any device: Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone (iOS or Android)


IBM Event Connect helps you make the most of events:

  • Get portable and continuous access to insight supported by dashboards and analytics within a fully mobile tool that lets you take conference expertise anywhere, anytime
  • Reinforce your relationship return by starting conversations before the event and continuing them afterward. Attendees can build on learnings and relationships across different events on the same tool.
  • Make your conference memorable with data-driven insights that let you connect with the audience in meaning ways. Plus, the sharing and networking doesn’t have to stop when the stage comes done.
  • Customize and deploy the powerful, cloud-based and mobile-enabled tool quickly, tailored to your specific needs with the help of a personalized event assistant assigned to your event