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Global Clearing and Fare System (G-clef)

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G-clef is the next generation Fare Clearing System that is easy and quick to implement while retaining all cutting-edge features of the product it is based on - the Symphony for e Payment.
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    Pattern Overview

    COMPLETE TRANSIT SOLUTION: G-clef provides you a complete back-end transit solution that integrates the functions of an Issuer, Transit Acquirer and Operator into one easy-to-manage system. It can be easily implemented and used in most types of transit-related fare collection systems with better efficiency, reduced cost and improved revenue collection and distribution. ON-LINE TRANSACTION PROCESSING: Unlike most fare systems, our solution processes blobs or messages online. This means that you will be able to access the system from anywhere with an Internet connection, giving you the flexibility to do remote management and reporting. RECOVERY OF MISSING TRANSACTIONS: With G-clef, there will not be another missing transaction again. With our advanced recovery process, all transactions are matched daily and any ambiguity will be resolved by End-Of-Day. This ensures accurate reporting for Issuer, Transit Acquirer and Operator. G-clef is also ready for IBM® Pure Systems.

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  • -Technical Details

    G-clef has the following functionalities through the corresponding sub-systems: 1. Message Management 2. Card Management 3. Parameter Management 4. System Management 5. Access Control 6. Report Management (includes 10 fundamental reports required for revenue) 7. Financial Management 8. Financial Claims Management 9. Job Management 10. Refund Management 11. Pass Management 12. Auto load Management 13. Blacklist Management 14. Housekeeping Management 15. Stock Management 16. Device Management 17. Audit Register Management 18. Events Management 19. Adapter to devices

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    Provider Information

    Name: Wang Ngiap Weng


    Phone: +65 6396 2608

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