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Bally CMS (Casino Management Systems)

Bally Technologies
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Equip your operation for casino accounting, financial audits, credit lines, reconciliation, compliance; management of player ratings; marketing functionality incl loyalty programs, multi-property support, single player cards, extracts, promotion tracking; and hotel integration. Enabled on PowerSystems for rapid deployment.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The SMS and CMS product groups offer comprehensive, user friendly assortment of advanced software solutions that allows you to fully manage, extract, analyze and control vital casino and player information using the IBM Power System™ platform.

    Bally SMS solutions fully equip you to handle slot monitoring, slot operations, bonusing, sweepstakes, promotions, cashless transfer, ticketing, jackpots, promotional coupons, redemptions and soft count.

    Bally CMS/400 solutions provide you with a full range of customizable software products to manage virtually every function of your casino. These include player tracking and analysis, table game management, cage and credit accounting, player’s club enrollment and redemptions, a large library of pre-formatted reports, a variety of marketing promotional tools, Web-based player account access and a totally seamless interface with all major slot accounting, point-of-sale and hotel management systems.

    Business Case

    The ACSC product lineup is fully customizable for any property’s needs and offers you these key benefits:

    • Operates to your specifications, with built–in password controls
    • Integrated functions that tie together hospitality, casino and slot management in a powerful and user-friendly environment.

    One of the industry’s most reliable and comprehensive systems, ACSC is a powerful tool for improving customer service time and increasing patron satisfaction.

    An ideal solution for a cashless society, ACSC fully supports Bally Power Bonusing* an award winning iSeries based suite of superior cashless gaming products.

    Business Problem

    Business Problems Solved:

    • Improving customer service time, allowing more attention to be given to patrons
    • Operating to your specifications instead of forcing you to conform to those of the software package
    • Ties slot management, casino & hospitality together creating a powerful user friendly environment
    • Built on the extremely reliable iSeries platform system management & maintenance
    • All combined to provide unmatched patron satisfaction

  • -Technical Details


    Specific features of the SLOT Management System include:

    • Player centric bonusing
    • Cashless wagering
    • Promotional credits/coupons
    • Ticketing
    • Point countdown
    • Sweepstakes & Promotions
    • Accounting & analysis
    • Game configuration
    • Slot accounting & analysis
    • Surveillance, Host & Slot operations dispatching
    • Employee performance

    Specific features of the CASINO Management System include:

    • Player Tracking
    • Soft & Hard Count
    • Cage & Pit Operations
    • Comp Algorithms
    • Player Account Management
    • Groups & Promotions
    • Federal Reporting
    • Credit
    • Direct Marketing

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Krista Reiner


    Phone: 702-532-7279

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