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NetRexx Language Quick Start

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NetRexx is a new programming language derived from both Rexx and Java(tm); it is a dialect of Rexx that retains the portability and efficiency of Java, while being as easy to learn and to use as Rexx.

NetRexx is an effective alternative to the Java language. With NetRexx, you can create programs and applets for the Java environment more easily than by programming in Java. Using Java classes is especially easy in NetRexx as you rarely have to worry about all the different types of numbers and strings that Java requires.

This document summarises the main features of NetRexx, and is intended to help you start using it quickly. It's assumed that you have some knowledge of programming in a language such as Rexx, C, BASIC, or Java, but a knowledge of 'object-oriented' programming isn't needed.

This is not a complete tutorial, though – think of it more as a 'taster'; it covers the main points of the language and shows some examples you can try or modify.

For more samples (and examples of using Java classes from NetRexx), and for more formal details of the language, please see the other NetRexx documents – you'll find the NetRexx software to download there, too.

This document is also available in PDF format. This can also be downloaded in the NetRexxD package.

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