z/OS Problem Determination Tools

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IBM Problem Determination Tools for z/OS® have powerful functions and features to help you to modernize your existing System z applications and transform your System z environment into a service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure.

IBM z/OS Tools

Are your tools up to the task?


IBM z/OS Tools

Are your tools up to the task?

What we offer


Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS

A non-intrusive application performance analyzer that aids developers in the design, development and maintenance cycles.

Debug Tool for z/OS

IBM Debug Tool for z/OS helps examine, monitor, and control the execution of application programs.

Fault Analyzer for z/OS

Helps developers analyze and fix application and system failures. Fault Analyzer gathers information about an application and the surrounding environment.

File Manager for z/OS

Provides comprehensive, user-friendly tools for working with z/OS data sets, DB2®, CICS® or IMS™ data, or MQ queues. These tools include the familiar browse, edit and copy.

Workload Simulator for z/OS and OS/390

Enables you to conduct stress, performance, regression, function and capacity planning tests, while eliminating the need for large amounts of terminal hardware.

Problem Determination Tools Studio and Plug-ins

Provides easy access through a graphical user interface (GUI) to the z/OS Problem Determination Tools.

Problem Determination Modernization Solution Pack

Convenient package that includes four key problem determination tools.

Problem Determination Solution Pack

Convenient package to help address your problem analysis needs.

Problem Determination Testing Solution Pack

Convenient package to help address your testing needs.

Data Set Commander for z/OS

Extends interactive and batch capabilities for performing operations on partitioned data sets and their members.


Allows sites to alter the Date/Time returned to a z/OS application when a time request is made (SVC 11 or PC Time Requests).



Mainframe application infrastructure

Software for SOA environments that enables dynamic, interconnected business processes, and delivers highly effective application infrastructures for all business situations.

Mainframe application development and deployment

New workloads solutions for mainframe applications on IBM System z enable you to develop, modernize and deploy modern applications for improved performance and productivity.