Lotus Quickr

Team collaboration software for the social enterprise

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Why use Lotus Quickr software for your team collaboration?

IBM ®Lotus® Quickr® is team collaboration software that can help you access and interact with the people, information and project materials you need to get your work done.

Lotus Quickr team spaces, content libraries, team discussion forums, wikis, and connectors make it easy to share documents and information amongst a team, and Lotus Quickr software works with your enterprise content management system, as well as with Lotus Notes, Lotus Connections, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Symphony, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.

Lotus Quickr team collaboration software features include:

Featured capabilities in Lotus Quickr team collaboration software:

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Content Libraries

Use Lotus Quickr content libraries to organise and share content for your projects, your teams or yourself.

You can quickly set up libraries for all your documents and files so your teams can easily share and collaborate with check-in and check-out, version control, and other tools to help manage content.

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Team Places

Lotus Quickr Team places make it easy to jumpstart any project with team calendars, discussion forums, blogs, wikis and other collaborative tools that help empower teams and keep projects on track.

Use the Lotus Quickr My Places page for easy access to your team places or to create a new one.