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The Datameer Analytics Solution provides four key elements:

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:
Datameer utilises and runs on IBM’s platform for big data which provides a dependable, enterprise ready implementation of Apache Hadoop. Datameer provides a packaged business intelligence platform on IBM’s platform for big data that helps overcome Hadoop's complexity and lack of end-user tools by providing business and IT users with business intelligence (BI) functionality across data integration, analytics and data visualisation in the world's first BI platform for Hadoop.

"Datameer and IBM have a shared vision on the exploding big data market and the pivotal role that Hadoop plays to bring cost effective analytics to business users,” commented Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer. “We are very excited to support IBM’s platform for big data and leverage its functionality so that our joint customers can take advantage of IBM’s enterprise ready implementation of Apache Hadoop”.

Digital Reasoning Systems

Digital Reasoning SystemsUncovering hidden connections by reading and processing data in advance, Synthesys empowers the data analyst to make smart decisions faster. Synthesys automates the understanding of cloud-scale data and uncovers the hidden connections of entities that lie within.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:
Synthesys® integrates with InfoSphere BigInsights by seamlessly operating in the scalable Hadoop environment. Synthesys brings unique value to the InfoSphere BigInsights solution by automatically transforming massive amounts of text into the underlying facts and connections.

By performing this knowledge extraction process without any a priori definition of the meaning of words (e.g. no use of ontology, taxonomy, etc.) Synthesys uniquely identifies associations and non-obvious connections by digitally examining and comparing contexts around extracted facts.

This also allows Synthesys to continue to be useful in “dirty data” (all caps, machine translations, etc.) as well as coded language. Through our API, integration of the analysis results of Synthesys can be seamlessly integrated into IBM BigSheets and other emerging visualisation and workflow solutions.

“We are excited to be a part of the IBM InfoSphere Big Insights platform”, said Rob Metcalf, President and COO of Digital Reasoning. “Adding our entity-oriented analysis of unstructured data to IBM’s scalability and reliability, we look to continue building the next generation of big data enterprise solutions”.



All Karmasphere products are built on the Karmasphere Application Framework to unlock the power of Hadoop with unparalleled ease:

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:
By working together to integrate IBM's implementation of Apache Hadoop with Karmasphere products, there is a seamless out-of-the-box experience for data professionals ensuring application development and analysis on the IBM platform for big data is completed quickly and productively; increasing the ROI of enterprise big data projects.

"Up until now, current enterprise technologies were limited to handle the complexity of big data," said Gail Ennis, CEO of Karmasphere. "IBM is reinventing the data world by bringing both Hadoop and big data to mainstream business users. By doing so, the ecosystem is now able to move forward to help enterprises get started with a new class of software and services that IBM is now offering."


Kitenga Reinventing InformationKitenga provides industry’s first “big data” search & analytics platform with integrated information modeling & visualisation capabilities - an entirely new kind of insight engine for today’s big data world.

How we integrate with IBM and what value we add:

Kitenga ZettaVox ships with out-of-the-box integration with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition. This not only minimises customer risk, time and effort wasted in cobbling together one-off solutions, but ZettaVox customers can now benefit from significant add-value functionality of the IBM platform. Enterprise customers can now enjoy the legendary customer support from IBM combined with the power and flexibility of open source Hadoop.

“We are excited to be a part of IBM’s Big Data ecosystem” said Anil Uberoi, CEO of Kitenga. “Customers can now chose best-in-class solutions to address their specific business needs. We believe that IBM’s leadership will further accelerate the adoption of Hadoop-based solutions in enterprises, globally.”

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