Managed File Transfer

Seamless, reliable and secure data delivery to improve business performance

Two minute explainer for Sterling Managed File Transfer. Watch the video.

Two minute explainer for Sterling Managed File Transfer.
Watch the video

Why IBM for Managed File Transfer

IBM® Sterling Managed File Transfer enables enterprises to manage and control the critical information flows that run their dynamic business networks. Through seamless, reliable and secure data delivery you can improve business performance, reduce IT complexity, support growth and reduce your risk.

Issues MFT Can address:

Capabilities MFT Provides:

What we offer

Core Delivery
IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct® Point-to-point file transfer software optimised for high-volume, assured data delivery of files within and between enterprises.

IBM® WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition —Reliable, enterprise wide file transfer software using messaging that leverages MQ.

Edge Gateway
IBM® Sterling File Gateway An SOA based solution which allows you to incorporate your file transfer communities into all your business processes and incorporates Web-based interfaces for customer self-services and rapid onboarding.

IBM® Sterling Control Center A management solution for all your file transfer activity and associated Service Level Agreements.

IBM® Sterling Secure Proxy An application proxy for securing file transfers across your organization’s demilitarised zone (DMZ).

IBM Sterling File Transfer Service A cloud service for file based business interactions with trading partners.

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