what's your AQ,A new era in business analytics is here. Are you ready?What's Your AQ ?

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An exciting new way to measure your success with analytics

What's your AQ?

What is your AQ?

See how IBM clients are already using business
analytics to drive better business outcomes.

It’s a fact: analytics-driven organisations outperform their peers in every metric that matters. Now, there’s a way to know how well you're using analytics - and where to go next.

We call it your “Analytics Quotient,” or “AQ” for short . It measures how ready you are to apply insight to your strategy, processes and tactics; how quickly you can re-allocate resources and re-orient your people to make better decisions; and how effectively you can act based on how well you know your past performance, current results and future possibilities.

It’s simple: The more you embrace analytics, the higher your AQ. The higher your AQ, the better the business outcomes - for you, your team and your entire organisation.

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Take our free AQ quiz now to learn your score. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it will put you on the path to better business outcomes, whether you’re an aspiring newcomer or a wizened analytics master.

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Dev Mookerjee

Senior Consultant - Business Analytics

Dev MookerjeeWith over a decade of experience in the area of Business Analytics, Dev Mookerjee is a Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Consultant with IBM team in Sydney. Dev has spent the majority of his career helping organisations across all the major industries use Business Analytics to convert organisational data into decision making intelligence to deliver tangible business benefits. Dev has an Masters in IT from University of Canberra and a MBA from Macquarie University.

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