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   Document Connect for ASF Details


ASF V3 R3 includes a new separately priced feature called Document Connect for ASF. For announcement details, refer to the announcement letters.

With this new feature, users can now use a Web client to generate the same documents previously generated using the 3270 interface. This provides the following benefits:

  • By providing a Graphical User Interface that resembles other Web-based applications, the document generation application is easier to learn for new users, and easier to use for existing users.

  • Authorized users can add, modify, or delete text, and control formatting options more easily, without in-depth knowledge of Document Composition Facility.

With the new Document Connect for ASF feature your users can use a Web client to:

  • Perform the following document composition functions:
    • Menu selection
    • Presentation and modification of structure and contents of documents
    • Paragraph selection
    • Parameter prompting
    • Finalize the composition

  • Modify the contents of paragraphs using advanced text editing tools, including spellcheck, layout definitions, and find/replace

  • Search for paragraphs to include in the document

  • Select and insert parameters (data references) to be resolved in the formatted document

  • Spellcheck any changes to the document

  • Preview the document at any time to verify changes, such as structure, paragraph contents, and parameter values

To ease the transition to a Web client for your users, Application Support Facility (ASF) for z/OS V3R3 supports a mixture of 3270 and Web client users, allowing you to move users at your own pace.

Because the actual document templates and paragraph definitions remain unchanged in ASF V3R3, your business can continue to take advantage of the many benefits of your existing document production system, including:

  • Generating business correspondence efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Supporting a corporate identity through consistent documentation style
  • Improved accuracy, quality, and consistency of documents
  • Shortened turn-around time for document production
  • Adherence to your corporate or legal standards

Many of your business processes are also unchanged. Once a document has been generated with the Web client, and submitted for processing/printing, all document formatting and post-processing can be done the same way they were done with ASF V3R2. With ASF V3R3 and Document Connect for ASF, you can provide an easy-to-use interface without compromising your existing business controls and processes.