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Application Support Facility

Technical detail

ASF V3.3 Details

Application Support Facility for z/OS Version 3 Release 3 (ASF V3.3) was announced on February 25, 2003. For announcement details, refer to the announcement letters.

Installation information is also available, including a current list of mandatory PTFs.

A SUP tape for ASF V3.3 became available January 6, 2006, including all functional enhancements and error corrections made available as PTFs before October 13, 2005. For easier installation, new ASF V3.3 customers should order and install the SUP tape plus mandatory PTFs made available since the SUP tape was created.

ASF for z/OS V3.3 now includes the Document Composition feature as part of the base product. In previous releases, this was a separately orderable and separately priced feature. With V3.3, it is included in the base product.

Enhancements also have been made to the administrator functions and a new feature, Document Connect for ASF, has been added.

ASF for z/OS V3.3 and Document Connect for ASF support both the CICS and IMS environment in OS/390 and z/OS.

The following administrator enhancements are included in ASF V3.3:

  • When using DB2 as a database platform for ASF for z/OS, an administrator can request cross-reference lists for the General Information Library (GIL) online. SQL knowledge is no longer required. More specifically, the administrator can request a list of:
    • Menu items containing a specific GIL item
    • Information items containing a specific text string
    • Document-type descriptions (LTDs) containing a specific standard paragraph item
    • Standard paragraphs containing a specific text string
    • Standard paragraphs containing a specific parameter in their parameter list
    • Application-type descriptions (ATDs) containing a specific parameter in their parameter list
  • Administrators can use a batch utility to search the GIL database for items containing a specific text string. The search scope can be limited by various search criteria, such as generic item name, owner, item type, date of last modification, etc.
  • For customers who use DB2 as the ASF database platform and who have customized ASF to perform version and release control, the administrator can now:
    • Repair errors in old versions of GIL items
    • Reactivate old versions of GIL items
    • Use an old version of a GIL item as a model when creating a new item.
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