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Improve time-series analysis to gain actionable, more accurate insights

Join us at 11 a.m. eastern daylight time (EDT) on June 18 to discover how you can rapidly boost your bottom line using reliable forecasts.

Accurate time-series analysis can be the difference between gaining an edge over competitors and losing valuable market share. Yet every day, organizations worldwide question the reliability of their forecasting data. The heart of the problem exists on two levels—excessive reliance on limited IT resources and employees with varying skill levels who develop their own forecasts. The solution will be shared on June 18th and you're personally invited to take part in the conversation.

Join us for the June TechTalk, where speaker Murali Prakash, IBM product marketing manager, will demonstrate game-changing capabilities that enable novice and experienced users to more quickly develop quality, accurate forecasts using time-series data—freeing up IT expertise to focus on innovation and empowering your business to achieve full profitability.

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