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SPSS Survey hosting

Do you need help with an online data collection project? Does your organization conduct a handful of online surveys, or experience a "feast or famine" survey workload? Or perhaps you have a limited infrastructure, or insufficient people to manage your online surveys effectively.

If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, you might consider outsourcing your online projects to save time, minimize in-house resources and maximize the benefits of online data collection.

You provide a questionnaire and IBM SPSS Online Services gives you the survey results.

The IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Hosting solution offers a fully outsourced online data collection capability that delivers all that you need to conduct online data collection. The full range of services includes hosting your online survey or form.

You can use your own sample or SPSS Online Services can provide one for you, and the expert staff, who include a Research Account Manager individually assigned to your project, will provide the project management and programming services.

The hosting solution has been designed to provide a comprehensive online service that meets your needs. It offers:

IBM SPSS Online Services has served the needs of clients for more than 40 years, and understands every step of the online data collection process.

You can save time and conserve in-house resources by outsourcing your online projects to IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Hosting.

Just provide your questionnaire or form and SPSS Online Services will give you the results--with no monthly fees or hidden charges.

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