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What's New

  • New search function for the z/OS V2R3 library. The search scope catalog function has been integrated into Knowledge Center. The function is only available in the z/OS V2R3 library today, but based on your feedback we will expand the function to other versions of z/OS documentation.  To give it a try, start with the z/OS V2R3 Knowledge Center landing page and use the "Scope" pull-down on the search dialog box to narrow your search to an element, a feature or an individual book within that element or feature. Then after some time trying it, please use the Knowledge Center feedback button to send us your comments.
  • Take our 5 minute survey to help us help you. IBM z/OS Product Documentation Survey - 2018
  • IBM Z Solutions -See the new list of offerings on the z/OS V2R3 homepage in IBM Knowledge Center
  • A new z/OS V2R1 Adobe Indexed Collection is a single download that provides all the z/OS V2R1 documentation PDFs with robust library search.
  • LookAt is back. IBM Look@ Knowledge Center prototype is a new version of the popular message look up tool.
  • Attention Knowledge Center for z/OS users.  Please visit the new IBM Knowledge Center for z/OS  Plug-in Repository.  See the Readme for more information. 

z/OS Internet Library

  • Search using IBM Knowledge Center                
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  • Search at the element or book level
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  • Download books in PDF format             
        | V2R3 | V2R2 | V2R1 |
  • Download content for use with z/OS Knowledge Center
        | V2R3 | V2R2 | V2R1 |
  • Download Adobe Indexed PDF collection (see below)

New! Adobe Indexed PDF Collections

Adobe Indexed PDF collections contain all the content a particular release and are an excellent way to search for information offline. In addition to having all the PDFs, each collections has an html page that lists all of the PDFs by title. Each collection contains an Adobe Acrobat Catalog to provide a full text search for everything in the collection. Everything is packaged as a windows .zip file. To search the content, download the package, unzip the file, Then use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file with a *.pdx file extension. Then start your search. Be sure to check our the advanced search options too.

Note that other PDF readers might work but were not tested.

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