This document provides information for the person who is responsible for setting up z/OSMF on a z/OS system and for diagnosing problems with the product. This document assumes that the user is familiar with the z/OS operating system and its accompanying products.

For ServerPac installers, if you select the ServerPac full system replacement installation type, a base configuration is created through a ServerPac post-installation job, that uses IBM defaults. The default instance of z/OSMF does not include any of the optional services, such as Configuration Assistant, Incident Log, and so on. After you complete the ServerPac installation, you can add services to z/OSMF, as described in this document.

If you install z/OSMF from a Custom-Built Product Delivery Option (CBPDO) software delivery package, or from a ServerPac order using the ServerPac software upgrade installation type method of installation, must manually create an instance of z/OSMF, using the planning and configuration information in this document..



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25 Feb 2021

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