This document describes z/OS® Version 2 Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS) software support for the 3592 family of tape drives. It is designed to help system operators, system programmers, and application programmers understand, install, and use the IBM® System Storage® 3592 software support. The IBM 3592 family includes the TS1140 (3592 Model E07), TS1130 (3592 Model E06), the encryption-capable TS1120 (the enhanced 3592 Model E05), the original 3592 Model E05, and the 3592 Model J1A tape drives. This document:

  • Introduces the functional features of the 3592 family of drives (3592 Model E07 (TS1140), 3592 Model E06 (TS1130), 3592 Model E05 (TS1120), and the 3592 Model J1A)).
  • Describes the modifications made to z/OS DFSMS functional components and related licensed programs in support of the drive.
  • Describes migration tasks and coexistence tasks for implementing the tape drives.

For information about accessibility features of z/OS, for users who have a physical disability, see “Accessibility,” on page 417.



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