IBM z/OS policy for the integration of service information into the z/OS product documentation library

  1. Service information (small programming enhancements (SPEs) and maintenance changes) is included in the Knowledge Center and in PDF for the latest z/OS release that has been provided for General Availability (also known as the current release)
  2. Service information is not incorporated in documentation for older releases prior to the current z/OS release.
  3. With continuous delivery of z/OS publications, key maintenance changes are delivered monthly in the Knowledge Center and in PDF for the latest z/OS release. Key maintenance includes those changes that document new or revised information about the user interfaces (such as upgrade actions, commands, parmlib members, messages, codes, and graphical interfaces), tasks that users must perform, high priority SPEs as determined by IBM, or similar information.
  4. Documentation for service information is available in the program temporary fix (PTF) cover letters.
  5. If a z/OS element or feature is not exclusive to z/OS, these updates might occur in that product's release instead of monthly.