How to Use the HMC

2.3 An Overview of Logical Partitioning

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System Profiles
Using the HMC, you can create and activate often-used collections of predefined partition profiles. A collection of predefined partition profiles is called a system profile. The system profile is an ordered list of partitions and the profile that is to be activated for each partition. The first profile in the list is activated first, followed by the second profile in the list, followed by the third, and so on.

The system profile helps you change the managed system from one complete set of partition configurations to another. For example, a company might want to switch from using 12 partitions to using only 4 every day. To do this, the system administrator deactivates the 12 partitions and activates a different system profile, one specifying 4 partitions. The advantage in using a system profile is in the initial IPL of the system. By starting in System profile mode, all of the partitions defined in the profile will be started, whereas by starting in LPAR standby mode, the system administrator would then have to start each LPAR (and select the required profile for the LPAR) manually.

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