Hardware Configurator

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  Configure new products
 Find a product by browsing product categories
Find a product by model number
     For example: 8853AC1
  Find accessories for products you already have
Find accessories and parts compatible with a particular model
     For example: 8853AC1
  Open a saved configuration
 Modify a saved configuration
 Note: This file must have been created with the Hardware Configurator.
  Find and export prices
Export a list of all features, products and options as a .csv file, or find a price for a subset of features, products or options and then export them as a .csv file.
Pop up icon Export all prices as .csv     Pop up icon Find specific prices for export as .csv    
Get help

Use the Hardware Configurator to configure general solution systems.

For configuration help, contact your IBM Technical Support Services.


Change settings

Change country, language currency or preconfigured translation settings.


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Product Translator

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