Installing, Updating, and Uninstalling the IBM System x and Cluster Solutions configurator (x-config)

  • - Installing x-config

    x-config is installed on your Windows workstation using JAVA WebStart technology. You can click on the HTML link below for initial installation. The link points to a file that includes install parameters to initiate the installation process and to launch x-config on your workstation.

    Install & Launch x-config

    When x-config is installed, an icon will appear on your desktop.

    Internet Explorer users

    When you click the link above, x-config will be downloaded, installed and launched.

    Firefox users

    After you click the link above, select "Open with" option on the displayed window to start the installation process.

  • - Updating x-config

    When a user with an internet connection launches x-config through the link or the desktop, x-config will display a dialog box asking if the user wants to update the application if an update is available. Users should always accept the optional update when it is offered.

  • - Uninstalling x-config

    Use windows add/remove programs to remove the x-config installation.

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