IBM ServicesAssistant is a services pricing and proposal tool specifically designed for you, the IBM Business Partner. This tool, IBM ServicesAssistant, was created to assist you in selling ServiceSuite to your customers.

IBM ServicesAssistant is a "single source" for obtaining services information. These services (provided by Integrated Technology Services, a division of IBM Global Services), include hardware maintenance, as well as a variety of IBM's most popular services. IBM ServicesAssistant configures, prices, and prints ServiceSuite contracts with services tailored to your customer's needs. Contracts range from one to five years, and payment options include prepay. Depending on your selection of services and contract terms, contracts will be appropriately discounted.

When you access IBM ServicesAssistant, you can immediately begin to create ServiceSuite proposals by entering customer information, contract pricing options, and services information into a proposal editor. Wizards assist you in entering information, so creating a proposal is made easy.

After entering (and saving this information) in a unique proposal, you can price various options to evaluate the best services solution to meet your customer’s requirements. After pricing, you can print a summary of the proposal or you can print the appropriate contract for your customer to sign.