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Downloads search tips

To perform a simple search, type one or more words in the Search box at the top of the page and click Search. Trials and betas Search returns a list of downloads that contain one or more of your words.

Alternatively, you can enter a wildcard character, the asterisk (*) , to find all trial and beta downloads. It is intended to use this wildcard in conjunction with specific search criteria, to scope your search down to find all trial and beta downloads with certain keywords or parts of keywords.

Effective search strategies

To make your search more effective, do the following:

  1. Be specific. Try using words that are unique or try adding descriptive words. For example, a search for thinkpad may give you too many results. If you're really looking for ThinkPad trial downloads, specify thinkpad trial or thinkpad dvd trial.
  2. Try using synonyms. If you get too few results or Search doesn't find what you're looking for, try synonyms for your original words. For example, instead of searching for java class, try java bean.
  3. Check your spelling. A single misspelled or mistyped word can change your results.
  4. Learn from your results. Your search may not return exactly what you're looking for, but scanning the results may help you see the words that were found and give you ideas for other searches.

Search isn't case sensitive, so don't worry about capitalization.

Improving your search words

Exact phrase searches
Add double quotes (" ") around specific phrases to focus your search on the exact phrase. A phrase search can greatly reduce the number of results. For example, you could enter:

      "lotus notes client"

This query returns only downloads that have the exact phrase "lotus notes client" in them.

Expanding your search with a wildcard
Look for words that contain the same letters by using an * (asterisk) as a wildcard. A wildcard search is useful for finding downloads with words that have multiple endings or multiple beginnings. For example, you could enter:


The results contain pages with words that have the prefix comput, such as compute, computer, computing, computation, and computational. Asterisks can be used anywhere within a word or fragment, and many asterisks can also be used.

Limiting your search results

From the Trials and betas search results page, if you would like to limit your results further, click the "Change search criteria" link. From there you have the following options:

  1. Search for:
    You can enter search terms with or without double quotes to identify search keywords.

  2. Download type:
    If you would like to search for specific types of downloads, choose one or more download types from the list. To search for all download types, you can just leave all checkboxes unselected. The types of downloads which are available are described below:
  3. Range of products:
    Choose a category from the list if would like to search within a specific category. You can also choose an IBM software brand or a product name which will further limit the search by those items. Any or all of these items may be selected to limit the search as you choose.

  4. Operating system:
    Choose an operating system from the list if would like to search for a specific platform/operating system. To search for all operating systems, choose All operating system.

  5. Sort order:
    Choose a sort order to sort for release date in either descending or ascending order. Descending is the default.