IBM Spectrum Scale Object Metadata Search Open Beta

One of the unique features of an object storage solution is the ability to set user-defined metadata to containers and objects. This metadata has as much if not even more value than the data itself. But, without an ability to efficiently search the containers/objects based on this metadata (key/value pairs), the object storage industry has not been able to leverage the full potential of this valuable asset. Now with Spectrum Scale Object Metadata Search feature, users can search for containers or objects based on a specific set of metadata. This allows applications like data analytics, data mining, data warehousing, selective data backup, archival, migration for various business application, such that the time to value is now faster than ever before.

This open beta program introduces this much needed object metadata search function and provides the instructions on how to configure, deploy and use the object metadata search feature on top of the Spectrum Scale Object Storage offering.

You can use this functionality on top of your existing 4.1+ installation of Spectrum Scale Object Storage. 

For quick introduction to this feature, take a look at the presentation:

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