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Optimization 3.0: Leveraging Next Generation Optimization Technology to Build Adaptive Supply Chains


Optimization in and of itself is nothing new but it is often overlooked by Line of Business and Information Technology professionals since many instances of it are embedded inside "classic supply chain management applications". With the advent of Optimization 3.0 companies can and should investigate other ways of leveraging this technology.

Optimization allows companies to make sense of the massive amounts of data across the extended enterprise. By leveraging this data in unique and innovative ways, firms can optimize business outcomes, by anticipating, controlling and adapting to a dynamically changing and chaotic environment, using the insights from visibility, analytics and trading partner collaboration to direct and control operations more intelligently.

With Optimization 3.0, firms now have the ability to layer or integrate optimization analytics on top of existing supply chain planning and execution systems to support both long-term (strategic) and short-term (tactical) planning goals as well as detailed scheduling while continuously improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and ultimately enhancing the overall customer fulfillment experience.

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