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Getting Started with CP Optimizer

Overview of important concepts and features


The CP Optimizer feature of the IBM® ILOG® CPLEX® Optimizers is a software library which provides a constraint programming engine targeting both constraint satisfaction problems and optimization problems. This engine, designed to be used in a “model & run” development process, contains powerful methods for finding feasible solutions and improving them. The strength of the optimizer removes the need for you to write and maintain a search strategy.

CP Optimizer is based on IBM ILOG Concert Technology. Concert Technology offers a library of classes and functions that enable you to define models for optimization problems. Likewise, CP Optimizer offers a library of classes and functions that enable you to find solutions to the models. Though the CP Optimizer defaults will prove sufficient to solve most problems, CP Optimizer offers a variety of tuning classes and parameters to control various algorithmic choices.

IBM ILOG Concert Technology and CP Optimizer provide application programming interfaces (APIs) for Microsoft® .NET languages, C++ and Java™. The CP Optimizer part of an application can be completely integrated with the rest of that application (for example, the graphical user interface, connections to databases and so on) because it can share the same objects.

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