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Streamline information access

to drive sales and productivity

As a retailer, you need access to timely, relevant and accurate information in today’s challenging environment. However, when many of you “check in the back,” you often find a bloated inventory of information, housed in siloed databases or file systems, or contained in a jumble of formats—such as paper, CDs or DVDs. This hard-to-access information wastes employee time and also spawns costly, manual processes that drain profits.

The key to harnessing critical but hard-to-access retail information is the Store Communication Streamliner solution from Genus Technologies. Store Communication Streamliner, built to leverage the IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite of products, creates an ideal retail store communications platform that enables retail operations to easily and securely distribute information in many formats and interfaces. Using a preconfigured series of mashups (for example, easy-to-assemble, information building blocks), retailers can easily and effectively deliver information that is highly relevant to each user, personalized by role, location and other attributes.

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