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Manage compliance and protect enterprise data

IBM InfoSphere Guardium eBook

Manage compliance and protect enterprise data

Meeting compliance requirements by auditing and protecting enterprise information

Organizations struggle to prioritize the multitude of compliance mandates and create data security policies to satisfy these requirements and protect their most sensitive data.

At the same time, organizations are being pressured to adopt more aggressive data security controls as auditors look closely at who has access to data. Manual efforts for compliance monitoring offer no assurance of completeness or accuracy.

This eBook reveals six essential steps for how to effectively manage compliance requirements and safeguard data within an enterprise data protection strategy.

The IBM® InfoSphere® Guardium® portfolio delivers a holistic data protection approach with leading solutions for data security and compliance.

Click on the link to the right to read this eBook and learn how organizations are building an enterprise data protection strategy to validate data integrity, enforce policies and ensure compliance while remaining focused on business goals.

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