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Smarter Computing's What's Next for IT? video debate

Tuesday, October 29 at 1 pm ET

The “What’s Next for IT?” video debate series is a forum where expert IT influencers discuss cloud, data and security trends and technologies that are top of mind for business and tech clients. We feel the best way to learn and solve problems is to explore all sides of an issue and agree to disagree.

On Tuesday, October 29 at 1 pm ET, IBM will host its fourth Smarter Computing debate. Experts are set to discuss the pros and cons of open computing when it come to cloud, big data and software defined environments.

David Linthicum, noted enterprise technologist with InfoWorld and Blue Mountain Labs, will moderate the discussions with our expert panel:
  • Judith Hurwitz- CEO of Hurwitz & Associates, a research and consulting firm focused on emerging technologies. Judith is a published author and a renowned industry pundit, providing strategic direction for and industry insight into many of the major technology players.
  • Frank Scavo- President of Computer Economics, an IT research firm. Frank has over 30 years of experience leading business strategy, IT strategy, and IT vendor selection projects for end-user organizations.

Participants will have the ability to ask questions using a Twitter stream and the hashtag #SCdebate. The debate goes live October 29 from 1-1:45 pm ET. Mark your calendar now!

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