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IBM’s DS8870 takes performance to a new level

ESG analyst paper

In this analyst paper, ESG analyst Mark Peters, explains the value of performance, performance benchmarks and the specific performance benefits offered by the new DS8870 high-end disk system. [Updated Nov. 19, 2013]

"By integrating SSDs, Easy Tier, encryption, and dynamic load balancing with virtualization and extensive software capabilities, the DS8870 is targeting those users and applications where absolute power matters…where performance is crucial and where managing the explosion of data and I/O-hungry applications had better be done with a flexible, highly available, significantly scalable platform that can reduce cost and actually drive out complexity. With its sweeping range of advanced storage capabilities now available, the new IBM System Storage DS8870 is unapologetically positioned at the top of the ultra-high performance spectrum." - Mark Peters, ESG analyst

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