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IBM Sterling Business Integration Suite Redbook

A Packaged Solution to Solve Your Business Integration Challenges

Businesses are faced with the need to reduce costs and complexity, grow revenue and profit, and protect their company's reputation. Many businesses are looking at improving their integration capabilities as a way to achieve their business objectives.

IBM® Sterling Business Integration Suite allows customers to solve critical business-to-business and managed file transfer challenges; connect people, systems, and technology; and enable the secure and seamless integration of key business processes.

Rather than relying on multiple vendors and complex cross-vendor implementations, customers can solve their integration problems with the IBM Sterling Business Integration Suite. This comprehensive set of solutions allows customers to capture the greatest amount of ROI while reducing the complexity and total ownership cost of implementing an integration strategy.

This IBM Redguide™ publication highlights the IBM Sterling Business Integration Suite and discusses how this solution offering can help your business improve the communication between you and your B2B community. This guide explores the need for dynamic business communication and the value of using the IBM Sterling Business Integration Suite. This guide explores the solutions architecture and the product offering that can be used to improve your ability to collaborate with your customers, partners, and suppliers.

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