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IBM Operations Analytics - Log Analysis Entry Edition 1.3.3

Accelerate problem resolution through rapid analysis of unstructured data with IBM Operations Analytics - Log Analysis Entry Edition 1.3.3

The Entry Edition is free. You can use it load up to 2 Gigabytes (GB) of data per day. This Edition is not warranted or supported and you cannot use it in production environments.

As soon as you are ready to load more data and use all the features, you can upgrade to the Standard Edition.

Entry Edition comes in two options:
1. As a SUSE or RHEL install with a perpetual 2GB/day limited license.
2. As a Virtual Appliance (VMware) with a time-restricted use (180 days) and a 2GB/day limited license.

You can download and install the Entry Edition on your own machine or you can use a Virtual Appliance to get started quickly with a pre-installed version of Log Analysis. The Entry edition is not warranted or supported and you can only ingest 2GB of data daily. To ingest unlimited amounts of data and use features like Hadoop integration and alerting, you need to install the Standard Edition. To obtain a production license, contact your IBM Sales Rep or purchase online here.

Download the Entry edition for evaluation and trial.

The estimated download time using Download Director over a 1.5Mbps connection is approximately 40 minutes for the main image.

Languages supported: English
Operating System: Linux Redhat 5, 6 or 7 on x86-64 bit and System Z or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (64 bit) and Power 8 ppc64 LE
Entry Edition : V 1.3.3
See the Quick Start Guide for installation instructions and prerequisites.

When you download Entry Edition you are entitled to submit technical problems and questions through our online forum.

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