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How do I register for On Demand Community for Community Organizations?

To register for On Demand Community for Community Organizations, you need an IBM ID and password. If you don't already have an IBM ID and password, when you first enter the site and see the welcome page, you will be able to create an IBM ID and password as part of registering. If you already have an IBM ID and password, simply sign in under 'Returning users.'

To create an IBM ID and password, you will be asked to enter an IBM ID (your email address) and password of your choosing. You will also enter a security question that only you can answer, so that if you ever forget your IBM ID or password, we can confirm your identity and help you get access. You will also need to enter your name, contact information, and answers to some brief questions.

My IBM ID does not seem to be working. What can I do?

Verify that you are using the correct IBM ID (your email address) and that you are using the correct password. Your password is case-sensitive. On the 'Sign In' page, there are options to help you retrieve a forgotten ID or password, or to change your password. If you have just registered with On Demand Community, there may be a slight delay before you can sign in, while our systems are updated with your records.

How do I contact the On Demand Community Help Desk?

You can contact the On Demand Community Help Desk at

As a Community Organization, can I sign in even though I'm not registered for On Demand Community?

No, you do need to be registered prior to being able to sign in. On Demand Community for Community Organizations uses your IBM ID to verify your identity. The IBM ID and password that you sign in with for On Demand Community is the same IBM ID and password you use for On Demand Community requires you to provide some additional information to authenticate your identity.

What organizations can be supported through volunteer activities posted on On Demand Community?

An eligible organization:

About On Demand Community for Community Organizations

Overview of On Demand Community

What is On Demand Community?

On Demand Community is IBM’s global volunteerism initiative supporting IBMers and the schools and community organizations where they serve. The program was launched in 2003 and attracts employees and retirees from around the world who access the program’s resources, volunteer activities, and grants. Through On Demand Community, IBM is able to contribute expertise and technology to build and sustain strong communities. This is accomplished by building on the success and assets of IBM's award-winning program, such as Activity Kits, Success Stories, and Learning Guides which are core elements in this initiative.

These resources have been enhanced and new resources have been developed to specifically meet the changing needs and demands of communities worldwide. More than simply a volunteering initiative, On Demand Community is a focused and coordinated effort intended to help IBM volunteers provide high quality solutions and assistance to their communities. IBM employees and retirees are able to volunteer as IBMers, with the resources of the company behind them. In doing so, they call attention to the company's basic brand attributes of innovation, expertise, and trust.

How do I find out more about On Demand Community for Community Organizations?

If you have additional questions which are not addressed in these questions and answers, contact the On Demand Community help desk at

What resources are provided online as part of On Demand Community for Community Organizations?

On Demand Community provides Activity Kits, available to the public, to help people become better volunteers. Other resources organizations have found helpful are the available volunteer stories that describe certain volunteer activities in action.

Are On Demand Community Activity Kits translated into other languages?

Yes. Localized versions of selected Activity Kits and materials are available in each geography. The number and range of Activity Kits that are translated continues to expand over time.

What are examples of skills-based volunteer activities that may be posted?

Community organizations are encouraged to submit skills-based activities to attract new volunteers.Examples include:

What are examples of activities that are not eligible?

Activities that will not be approved for posting include:

Once I propose an activity, how will the activity be reviewed?

Proposed activities are reviewed by the corporate citizenship manager who serves the geographical area where the volunteer activity is located. If necessary, you will be contacted for more information, and you will be informed when the review is complete.

How can I check the status of my proposed activity?

Once your activity has been submitted, you can sign in to On Demand Community to check on the status. The 'My activities' section will provide the name and email address of your local corporate citizenship manager. You may then contact them for additional information about the status.

What happens if my proposed activity is not eligible?

If your local corporate citizenship manager determines that your proposed activity does not fit the criteria for posting, he or she will contact you to tell you the reasons the activity was declined. You may wish to discuss ways to modify the activity so it meets the eligibility criteria.

Will I be notified if my activity is rejected?

If your proposed activity is rejected, you will be notified by your local corporate citizenship manager via email.

Can I view all activities for my organization?

Activities are created based on the ID used at the time of initial registration. If you wish to see all activities for your organization, the same ID must be used to post all activities.