IBM RTP Centre for Advanced Studies

RTP CAS & University partnership program grants & fellowships

Title Primary Investigator University
Serial versus Parallel Virtualization of the PPC/Cell Robert Geist Clemson
Expeditions in Autonomic Policy for a Programmable Hosting Platform Jeff Chase Duke
Energy Isolation for Virtual Computing Landon Cox Duke
Facilitating pre-College Education with the Virtual Computing Laboratory Nancy Shaw, Susan Rodger, Richard Lucic Duke
VCL adoption and use by the Durham County public school system Cameron Seay, Donna Grant NCCU
Analyzing, Mining, and Visualizing Tivoli Common Reporting Data Chris Healey NCSU
Understanding and Managing Complexity in IT systems Yannis Viniotis NCSU
A prototype power-aware cloud computing framework Vince Freeh NCSU
Using Virtual Computing Laboratory (VCL) Technology to Power Cloud Computing (STG Blue Cloud) Steffen Heber, Mladen Vouk NCSU
Enabling Heterogeneity for Power-Friendly Performance Eric Rotenberg NCSU
Achieving Communication Scalability in Collaborative Development Tools Mike Devetsikiotis NCSU
Deep Root-Cause Perf. Analysis - Integ. & Navigation from a Load Testing Tool Tao Xie NCSU
Reqs. Definition, Est., Clarification, & Validation through Planning Poker & FIT Acceptance Testing in Jazz Laurie Williams NCSU
VCL adoption and use by the NC Community Colleges (teach-the-teachers, etc.) Eric Wiebe NCSU
Infusion of VCI, Cell and Cloud Computing into a Service Oriented Computing Curriculum at UMBC Milt Halem UMBC
SSME Curriculum Development using Project Zero, Innov8, etc. Yaacov Yesha UMBC